Immigration to Mexico from Russia in 2023

The modern world is quite large and diverse, so there is nothing strange or unnatural about some people wanting to radically change their surroundings. According to immigrants’ reviews, many people choose to live in another climatic conditions and in a completely different culture by emigrating from Russia to the desired place.       

It is quite logical that before taking such a serious step as immigration, a person should carefully consider everything and weigh the pros and cons of moving to the chosen country. In this article we will describe the options and programs of immigration to Mexico. We will also examine the reviews of people who have emigrated from Russia. 

Why do many people from Russia choose Mexico to immigrate to?  

Some of the reasons for choosing Mexico to immigrate to:  

  1. Economical. The cost of goods and services in Mexico is one level lower than in Russia. Although the country is not considered quite rich (which is confirmed by the GDP indicator), this is what makes it quite favorable for living in the financial aspect;  
  2. Climatic and geographical. The temperature in many regions does not fall below 20 degrees Celsius. As a result, the local population’s diet includes a constant supply of fresh fruit and vegetables. Immigrants have the choice of living on the Pacific coast or the Caribbean;  
  3. Prospects for further immigration. For Mexican passport holders, there is an established program for relocation to the USA and Spain;  
  4. Living conditions. Mexico has a well-developed infrastructure that allows you to enjoy fairly comfortable living conditions;  
  5. Loyal attitude of the authorities. Government support plays an important role in protecting the rights of all residents. 

Conditions of immigration to Mexico in 2023 

First of all, it should be noted that Mexico is quite loyal to Russian citizens moving to its territory. In 2023, citizens of the Russian Federation can obtain an electronic visa in just 1 day and stay in the country for 180 days.  

At the end of this period, it will be necessary to go to a neighboring country, make the appropriate marks and then you can expect the tourist visa to be extended for another six months. Staying legally in Mexico for at least 5 years, even on a tourist visa, is almost a guarantee of obtaining a Mexican passport. However, there is a possibility that the program will be changed, and the tourist visa will not be extended for such a long period. It is not possible to exchange it for a residence permit outside of Mexico. Therefore, if you are determined to move permanently, it is better to obtain a residence permit immediately.  

Before we consider the programs for obtaining a residence permit for immigration to Mexico, it is worth mentioning the available loophole – how to exchange a tourist visa for a passport of the country. According to Mexican law, a child born on Mexican territory has the right to citizenship, as do its parents. 

Ways to immigrate to Mexico:  

  • Have a regular income of at least $2,000. Suitable for those who work remotely or rent out property. You will need to document your income;  
  • Invest in property, shares in local companies or your own business. Real estate transactions must be at least 200,000 and the amount of shares purchased must be at least 100,000;  
  • Open a business in Mexico that employs at least five local people;  
  • Enrollment in a local university, but the applicant must leave the country after graduation;  
  • An invitation from a local employer is also considered a reason to immigrate;  
  • Through family ties, even if the applicant’s relatives are not considered citizens of the country but reside there on the basis of a residence permit, the person has the right to acquire citizenship as a result.  

A temporary residence permit gives the right to stay legally in Mexico for one year. After that, it must be renewed. This can be done without crossing the border at the nearest immigration office. In this way, you can extend your stay in the country for up to four years. At this point, the decision will be made whether to stay and obtain citizenship or leave the country. 

Reviews from people who moved with a residence permit 

Reading reviews of life in North America and Mexico, you will find both negative and positive ones. This is normal because there is no such thing as an ideal place. Some people love living in Russia, for example, while others want to leave its borders immediately. However, it is worth noting that the number of positive reviews still predominates. And looking at the negative ones, we can conclude that before going to live in Mexico, people had rather mediocre ideas about it. Therefore, their opinions about Mexico are primarily linked to unfulfilled dreams. 

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