Immigration to Canada in 2023: ways, programs, reviews


It has long been no secret that Canada is the first choice of most immigrants looking for a better life. The high quality of life and the level of development offered make people take such a decisive step. Compared to the European countries, Canada has more favorable promotions for professionals and self-fulfillment for students. In addition, many people associate the country with a high level of health care, freedom, development and simply natural beauty.  

Citizenship is granted after a certain period of time (3 years) on the territory of Canada for 5 years. 

Immigration to Canada – how? 

Over half a million former Russians live in Canada. The Russian diaspora in this country is considered one of the largest in the world.  

The events of February have slowed down the process of emigration from Russia to Canada but have not stopped it altogether. The ways of emigration have generally remained the same.  

The main programs of immigration to Canada: 

  • Employment; 

A prerequisite for obtaining a residence permit under this program is a job offer from a Canadian employer. In 2023, the most common professions in demand for immigration are managers and skilled workers in construction, industrial production, agriculture, mining and medicine. Immigrants may also be able to obtain a residence permit by working as a nanny or caregiver.  

  • Studying; 

Today, exchanges between students from different countries are commonplace. Those who come to Canada to continue their education have a much better chance of staying in the country and getting a job offer from the world’s leading companies. Studying is considered an unofficial form of immigration. Only after successfully graduating from a Canadian college or university and having an open work permit for a period of 1 to 3 years (work visa), a graduate can choose an immigration program and then get the right to apply for Canadian citizenship. It is worth knowing that they must pass the IELTS Academic (advanced language proficiency) test with a score of seven. 

  • Family reunification program; 

Marrying a Canadian is a long process. A partner living in Canada must support their spouse for 2 years and their parents or children for 20 years. The local authorities check whether the marriage is fictitious – they call for interviews and ask a large number of questions, request joint photographs, correspondence details and so on.  

  • Refugee status and asylum. 

If an applicant can prove that he or she is being persecuted or discriminated against on the basis of political or religious beliefs or sexual characteristics upon arrival in Canada, he or she can expect to be granted refugee status in this country. There are high compassionate quotas for this in 2023. 

Business immigration 

Business migrants are: 

  • Investors. Investment is the easiest but most expensive way to immigrate to Canada. The minimum capital contribution to the country’s economy for 5 years is 200,000 Canadian dollars. This program is currently suspended;  
  • Entrepreneur. For this type of immigration, the applicant must meet 3 main requirements: have a capital of 300 thousand Canadian dollars; employ at least one Canadian; establish a business and run it for at least 3 years. 

Recently it was announced that Canada has increased its plan to accept immigrants with business proposals in 2023, which can’t be a good thing. 

  • Startup founders. This option requires an innovative idea. Requires approval from one of the designated organizations, CLB 5 language proficiency and initial funding;  
  • Self-employed. This option is suitable for self-employed individuals (people who can contribute to Canada’s development in the fields of culture, arts and sports). Only 2 years of experience in the chosen field is required. 

Express Entry program 

Express Entry (EE) is Canada’s federal online selection system for permanent residents. The system assigns immigration points to applicants based on their age, marital status, education, language skills, occupational skills and work experience. 

Federal immigration programs 

The most effective and “long-lasting” programs are the following: 

  • Federal Skilled Worker. The candidate must have a diploma, work experience in the field or an invitation to work; 
  • Federal Skilled Trades. Suitable for applicants with an in-demand profession, a Canadian credential or an invitation to work; 
  • Canadian Experience Class. Suitable for those who have worked in Canada for at least one year in the last 3 years.  

In 2023, the number of permanent resident invitations will increase due to historical events that require immediate solutions. A large number of programs are designed for temporary workers in hospitals, hospices and nursing homes; those working in vital sectors of the economy; and international students graduating from Canadian institutions. Prerequisites: All program participants must speak one of Canada’s two official languages, have a work permit, be employed at the time of application and be a legal resident of a Canadian province.  

Canada is administratively divided into 10 provinces and 2 territories. Each has its own program, its own immigration requirements and is targeted at specific categories of applicants. 

Documents for immigration 

There is no fee to register for Express Entry. Those who score well will receive an invitation to apply (ITA). He/she has 60 days to prepare and submit the documents. The applicant must also undergo a medical examination during this time. Basic documentation requirements and deadlines:  

  • All documents must be certified in English or French; 
  • The applicant must undergo a medical examination by specially accredited doctors at an approved clinic; 
  • A decision on the granting of a Canadian visa is made within 6 to 18 months; 
  • Obtaining Canadian citizenship, if all requirements are met, takes 6 to 12 months from the time of application to the passport ceremony. 

Reviews of immigrants in Canada  

There are both positive and negative reviews from immigrants. However, it is worth noting that although it is difficult to immigrate to Canada (you need to have good reasons for obtaining a visa and moving to this country), it is quite favorable for living in general. The state offers its citizens a wide range of opportunities for development and benefits for staying in the country – the possibility of receiving quality medical care, benefits and state support.  


If you set a goal of immigration to Canada in North America, then it is always possible to pick up a real work program. However, life is always changing. Programs close, new ones are introduced, rules, privileges and restrictions change. Therefore, the most reliable ways of immigration remain employment in Canada and enrolment in Canadian universities. 

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