AAAA ADVISER: What kind of company?

Relocating abroad based on Internet reviews is becoming an increasingly popular topic. The reason for this is the unstable economic situation in the world, which encourages people to migrate. AAAA ADVISER is an international company that assists in obtaining TRP, PRP and second citizenship through investment. It has many positive reviews on the Internet. 

In addition to migration services, AAAA ADVISER sells real estate, ready-made online wine shops in Europe and creates similar websites from scratch. This article provides an overview of the benefits of purchasing such business. It also analyses the assistance provided by AAAA ADVISER in acquiring a TRP, PRP, second citizenship and reviews about this organization. 

AAAA ADVISER migration programs 

Second citizenship offers numerous benefits, the most valuable of which, are new opportunities for travelling and alternative accommodation in the event of an unstable situation in the home country. According to reviews, AAAA ADVISER assists in all stages of obtaining a second citizenship. The organization also provides legal assistance in the registration of residence permits.   

The table below provides information on the migration programs of this organization. 

Second citizenship    TRP  PRP 
Montenegro, Bulgaria, Malta, Antigua and Barbuda, Cyprus, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, Dominica, Vanuatu, Turkey, Grenada.    UAE, UK, USA, Portugal, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, France, Slovenia.    Malta. 


Migration to the listed countries with the support of the organization is possible through investment in the economy, local companies or the purchase of property. AAAA ADVISER specialists are located in each of these countries and also, based on reviews, provide remote support. During the cooperation, the experts offer such services:  

  • Consulting;   
  • Determination of the optimal migration plan;   
  • Assistance with document preparation.   

AAAA ADVISER has over 20 years of experience in the migration services market and, according to reviews, provides good assistance in the processing of second citizenship or residence permits. 

AAAA ADVISER: selling internet-shops in Europe 

AAAA ADVISER sells readymade e-shops as well as assistance with residence permit applications. The shop specializes in wine distribution in Europe and has a base price of €35,000.   

Reviews show that such a business is profitable. On the official website, the company describes such benefits of owning an e-shop:  

  • Turnover from the first day of ownership;   
  • Guaranteed profitability of 20%;   
  • Automatic stocking of goods;   
  • Connected credit card service module;   
  • Automatic unloading of goods;   
  • No expenditure on storage space.   

According to reviews, the purchase of an online shop serves as a good supplement during migration. AAAA ADVISER not only helps with the relocation, but also with setting up a profitable business in another country. 

Reviews about AAAA ADVISER 



In these reviews of AAAA ADVISER, clients describe positive experiences of working with the company. The experts helped them to successfully obtain a second citizenship and to find profitable investment locations.   

“AAAA ADVISER not only helped me find the perfect place to invest, but also to acquire my second citizenship in St Lucia. I am very grateful to them because now I can do business in both Russia and here. I would like to highlight the competence of the specialists. The reviews mentioned that they are real professionals, and I was able to see for myself. Oleg Belyaev, 32 years old, St Petersburg.   

“The online shop I bought from AAAA ADVISER brings a solid income! After registering my temporary residence permit in Germany, I checked online reviews and decided to buy it there. It fills up with goods, you do not even need to keep an eye on it. I will register a permanent residence permit with the company when the time comes! The experts here are very competent, they provide quality consultations and help with the paperwork! Konstantin Nikiforov, 29 years old, Moscow.   

These reviews about AAAA ADVISER emphasize not only the advantages of acquiring second citizenship with this organization, but also the profitability of the wine business it sells. Clients remain satisfied with the services of the organization and recommend it to others. 

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