Gaza and Israel: deep causes of a long-running confrontation


For many decades, the conflict between Israel and Gaza has been one of the most intense and enduring in the Middle East. This international dispute is driven by many factors, including deep historical roots, complex geopolitical interests, socio-cultural differences and economic concerns. Let us examine the main causes of this long-running confrontation in greater detail. 

Confrontation between Israel and Palestine 

  • Historical context. The confrontation between Israel and Palestine, of which Gaza is a part, is deeply rooted in history. The creation of the state of Israel in 1948 led to conflict with Arab nations and was the source of the Palestinian problem. Subsequent wars, such as the Six-Day War of 1967, only exacerbated the situation, leaving behind territorial disputes and the occupation of the Gaza Strip.  
  •  Geopolitical interests. Gaza is strategically important because of its location on the Mediterranean coast and its proximity to Israel and Egypt. In addition, the region is rich in natural gas reserves, making it an object of desire for various geopolitical factors. The control of energy resources has become an important aspect of the conflict.  
  •  Religious and ethnic aspects. Religious and ethnic differences also play a role in the conflict. Israel is a Jewish state, while the majority of Gazans are Arab Muslims and Christians. Religious differences complement ethnic differences and create tensions between the parties. 
  • Blockade and restrictions. Since 2007, Gaza has been under a blockade controlled by Israel and Egypt. This restricts access to goods and services, worsens the economic situation of the population and increases tensions. The blockade has become a major point of contention between the parties.  
  • Role of external factors. Various countries and international organizations are actively involved in the conflict, supporting one side or the other. This adds to the complexity of resolving the conflict and keeps it alive.  
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In conclusion, the confrontation between Israel and Gaza is a protracted conflict with many complex and interrelated causes. Its resolution requires the efforts of the international community and long-term strategies to achieve peace and stability in this Middle East region. 

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