Migronis: what kind of company is it?

Migronis is an immigration company that provides legal assistance in the process of obtaining citizenship through investment and gaining TRP/PRP. The company also proposes a variety of available relocation programs to European, Caribbean, US and Schengen countries. Those options allow the organization to make the right choice in the client’s situation. Migronis was established in 2012, so you can find plenty of real client reviews online. 

What services does Migronis provide 

Migronis’ main area of expertise is immigration and assisting in the acquisition of citizenship through investment. The firm offers clients the option of obtaining their desired residency status by purchasing property or creating a business. In reviews these are highlighted as the most advantageous options for wealthy applicants. The official website lists over 20 legal services, which can be benchmarked, and a rough cost of immigration can be calculated. However, not all schemes may be up to date, so reading reviews and seeking guidance from an advisor is essential. 

Migronis experts on their website highlight such popular immigration destinations:  

  • Schengen zone – Spain, Portugal, Greece;  
  • Europe – Turkey, Montenegro, Cyprus;  
  • Caribbean – from Antigua and Barbuda to Grenada;  
  • Vanuatu, USA. 

In addition to the standard services mentioned above, Migronis offers a range of additional assistance including: 

  • Support in the registration of passports and their replacement or restoration in the event of expiry, damage or loss;  
  • Selection and purchase of real estate for residential or commercial purposes;  
  • Registration of a sole proprietorship;  
  • Driving license registration;  
  • Calculation of tax payments and financial expenses;  
  • Creating accounts in foreign banks. 

Based on the reviews, many people seek help in obtaining a US EB-5 visa, which is issued for family immigration, and a Portuguese HQA visa (which allows you to live and do business in Portugal). Specialists advise and guide clients through the immigration and visa application process, according to online reviews. 

Reviews about Migronis 


We had been thinking about emigrating to Dominica for a long time and it worked out through investment. Migronis helped us prepare all the necessary documents and advised us throughout the process. Overall, we were satisfied. The process was a bit long. But my husband says it was still relatively quick. All in all, we are happy with it)))  


I checked various reviews about Migronis and decided to immigrate and get a US visa. Two years the specialists were helping me get it, in the end everything went well, and I got the visa. Many thanks for the service and experience. 

Conclusion about Migronis 

There are many different reviews about Migronis on the internet. Many clients write about short time frames, as well as a demanding approach to their work. Clients invest in various ventures, property, business start-ups and achieve their goals. Some clients note in reviews that obtaining a passport and living in a new country in a few months is realistic. We can conclude that Migronis experts can certainly accelerate your immigration process and provide you with full legal support. 

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