Laweius: how to start collaborating, what are the reviews from immigrants in 2023


Laweius — a migration company that helps to obtain EU citizenship in a time efficient manner. Today we will discuss the features of that firm, its advantages and disadvantages, and examine honest reviews. Most clients give Laweius high ratings on various websites. As an example, here are some of the reviews:

“I preferred living in the CIS countries, but recently decided to move to Spain. This is the best organization that helps to get a passport through repatriation. Thank you!”

Carolina, 33 years old, Novosibirsk

“With the help of Laweius, immigration to Slovenia was smooth, but the relocation process was a bit slowed down by a change of surname. Overall I am satisfied, thank you!”

Alexander, 27, Krasnodar

Is it easy to immigrate to the EU with your family?

The easiest way to move to the EU (for Russians) is through repatriation. With this method, immigration is possible only with documentary proof of ethnic/territorial affiliation to the country. The evidence gathering phase is the most time-consuming, so it should be handled responsibly. According to reviews, immigrants often experience problems at this stage.

This type of immigration has the following advantages: fast processing, no residence permit (RP) registration and no tests on knowledge of the country’s traditions and language. It also allows to keeping the native passport and obtain a new ID card. As a bonus, Laweius offers free assistance in registering the nationality of the client’s children, which is often praised in reviews.

Why do I need legal support?

Citizenship registration is a very time-consuming and complicated process. According to reviews, it is worth leaving this work to professionals. Qualified lawyers understand the nuances of immigration and monitor changes in different countries’ legislation to offer clients the highest quality support. Laweius lawyers provide an initial consultation, help preparing the documents (application) required for immigration and assist in obtaining the necessary certificates. They also organize communication with the state authorities for successful citizenship registration.


Professionalism of the specialists, competent approach to work and numerous reviews of satisfied clients invite choosing the services of this company. Laweius is not open around the clock, but its obvious advantages of cooperation with it include:

  • Reliability;
  • Full legal support;
  • Competence of employees.

An impressive number of resolved cases and positive reviews show that Laweius effectively solves the migration problems of all those who request assistance. The experts help to conduct a competent legal examination of documents, provide full legal support for successful registration of EU citizenship. In the reviews, immigrants also mention that the company’s services are provided with complete confidentiality and individual approach to each person. This significantly saves time and budget for Laweius’ clients.

  • Aflek says:

    Visiting Laweius changed my life. Getting outta my state and living in Slovenia is lit! My lawyers worked very cool and I didn’t need to sweat at all. I gave them my documents and money, and they did all the work for me. 10 months and now I am Slovenian. Other companies told it would take 3-5 years, common guys, it is stupid. If you meet such guys, you should run away XD. Bye-bye

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