Davies & Associates LLC: what is the company, what are the reviews

Davies & Associates LLC is an international organization that specializes in assisting with obtaining citizenship, various types of visas, support in critical deportation matters, etc. The citizenship application process is carried out under the terms of investment and naturalization programs. The company serves hundreds of clients annually and provides a quality service that has been highlighted in numerous reviews. 

Davies & Associates LLC: what is the company? 

The legal organization assists those seeking to immigrate to the EU and USA. Davies & Associates LLC has helped hundreds of families move legally to the country of their choice, providing full support and moral guidance along the way. The company also provides high-level advice on such important issues as establishing a business and deportation. 

Davies & Associates LLC clients leave mostly positive reviews on the internet. Negative feedback is also posted on various forums, but most does not pose a threat to the company’s reputation as it describes the individual problems of each immigrant. Regarding the experts themselves, they receive a competitively high number of positive reviews online.  

Davies & Associates LLC develops the best solutions that fully meet the applicants’ needs.  

According to reviews, the immigration plan offered by the company depends only on the client’s requirements and is completed once the contract is signed. Consultations are available at the offices listed on the company’s website or by phone. 

What services does the company provide 

Davies & Associates LLC provides immigration solutions for applicants to the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada and the United States. 

By obtaining a visa to visit the US or EU applicants gain a range of opportunities, from direct access to the world’s largest economy, to work permits and the relocation of entire family. 

List of Davies & Associates LLC’s services: 

  • Visa registration assistance: EB5, EB3, L1, E1, E2, EB-1A and NIW, O-1, EB1C;  
  • Support in obtaining citizenship through investment;  
  • Business immigration advice, help in establishing a business;  
  • Global tax consulting;  
  • Corporate legal services;  
  • Asylum and deportation advice.  

More information about the company’s services is available on its official website, by phone or through reviews on migration forums. 

Reviews about Davies & Associates LLC 

Real client reviews about Davies & Associates LLC are posted on maps and migration websites. Some of such feedback is highlighted below.  

Alena Osipova  

“I have worked with Davies & Associates LLC. We cooperated on the phone, as we needed an EB5 visa. I was very satisfied with the competence and speed of work of the specialists. Even though there have been some changes in migration legislation in the last two years, the visa was issued very quickly, we did not have to wait long. You can apply here with confidence. The reviews are good, the specialists are fine, I recommend them.  

Eugene Pete  

“I contacted the specialists at Davies & Associates LLC in 2014. Even then, the service they provided was at a high level. I contacted them a second time this spring. For so many years the level of service has not dropped. Well done. They helped me with a complicated deportation issue. Without them, I would have broken my neck. Thanks, you helped me a lot. 


For nearly 10 years, the team of professionals at Davies & Associates LLC has built an international reputation. Their experts are recognized as leaders in the field of migration. Reviews from their clients can be found on every specialized forum. 

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