Migration Group: what kind of company is it?

Migration Group is an official agent that helps migrants obtain citizenship in various countries through investment. Some of the destinations to which migrants can relocate with the help of this organization include Montenegro, Turkey and Caribbean islands such as Malta, Cyprus, Antigua and more. Migration Group specializes in providing legal assistance in the immigration process and knows how to quickly and legally obtain PRP and TRP in various countries. Below you will find the company’s main services and client reviews, as well as a summary of the results of cooperating with these experts. 

What services does the company provide? 

According to its official website, Migration Group is a ‘turnkey’ immigration organization. That company has offices in five EU and CIS countries, which simplifies the process of communicating with representatives. Since its creation (2012), its team has successfully handled more than 260 immigration cases, with only 16 clients being rejected. It is worth noting that this organization does not offer relocation assistance to all countries, the list of current programs is available on the official website. 

Migration Group offers Malta, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Italy. You can also choose Caribbean territories: Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Dominica, St. Lucia, Vanuatu, St. Kitts and Nevis. 

According to reviews, the choice of a particular state depends only on your capabilities and requirements. Whether you are looking for advice or have a well-defined relocation plan, Migration Group will provide you with professional support. According to reviews, anyone who contacts the organization receives transparent advice, a holistic approach, an analysis of the risks and benefits of the process itself and a complete relocation plan.  

Legalization in a foreign jurisdiction is possible through four options: obtaining citizenship, TRP, PRP or participation in investment programs (golden visas), followed by getting a residence permit. 

Stages of cooperation with Migration Group:  

  • Program selection, estimation of approximate costs;  
  • Preparation of documentation package, recommendations on how to pass government inspections;  
  • Monitoring the case, taking the necessary steps to ensure a successful outcome;  
  • Assisting with adaptation matters after immigration. 

According to the reviews, Migration Group does not act until the emigration plan has been approved. The agreement, which must be signed at the beginning of the cooperation, is one of the main stages of the cooperation with experts. 

Reviews about Migration Group 

Reviews are feedback from clients. Usually, you can use them to form an impression of the experts and decide whether you should cooperate with them. Below we have highlighted some of the Migration Group reviews that describe the experience of working with them. 

“I examined migrant reviews to see which company would be the most favorable option for me. I analyzed the market backwards and forwards, so to speak. I chose Migration Group, and it was a good choice. The lawyers really quickly helped me to get a Grenada citizenship card. I did not like the fact that I was not accompanied during the procedures. I thought there would be more attention to the client” – Alexander, 29 years old 

“Turkish citizenship was required for personal purposes. Immigration experts offered to invest in property that could be rented out. They selected options for me to buy an apartment, indicated the final amount including fees, duties and costs. Even after obtaining citizenship, Migration Group still advise me on immigration matters for my wife” – Nikolay, 47 years old 

After analyzing a large number of reviews, we can conclude that Migration Group is reliable. People describe the process of cooperation mostly from the positive side, which means that the negative aspects are either practically absent or insignificant. According to the reviews, it is also possible to handle the immigration procedure independently, but this takes much longer and does not guarantee a positive outcome. 

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