Immigration to Turkey for Russians

According to the Russian Federal Statistics Service, around half a million people left the Russian Federation for Turkey in 2022-2023. These lands have always been popular with Russians, but recently they have become the main destination for immigrants due to economic reasons and convenient location. People leave for better living conditions and also to take advantage of dual citizenship.   

On the other hand, the recent earthquake in Turkey sent shock waves through the population of the West Asian country. Fortunately for investors, the natural disaster did not affect the country’s most popular areas, the seaside and the capital.  

Now, property giants have little doubt that Turkey will soon change the terms of its citizenship program to make it easier. In comparison with February 2023, the registration of this permit to stay in the country will be simplified many times over. 

Immigration programs, documents list 

From 2023, Turkey has several immigration programs for Russians. The Law on Foreigners and International Protection gives Russians the right to obtain a residence permit after marrying a citizen of the country, acquiring real estate, obtaining refugee status or legal employment. Immigration to Turkey can also be done for educational purposes, medical treatment in the country, humanitarian missions, etc. 

Main ways of getting a residence permit in Turkey 

  • Residence permit and citizenship for investment  

It is possible to obtain a Turkish passport after purchasing a property with a cadastral value of at least $400,000. Among the main requirements for the applicant – age from 18 years, absence of violations of laws and visa regime. The period of citizenship registration is 6-8 months. Investors’ reviews indicate a large base of residential and commercial property in various regions, including the capital. 

  • Family Ikamet for Russians  

One of the ways to immigrate and obtain a residence permit is to marry a Turkish citizen. In order to reunite with the family, a Russian citizen must provide documents proving the existence of family ties. Ikamet (residence permit) for relatives arriving in the country can be issued for up to 3 years. It is possible to find out the approximate duration of each registration procedure and the checks that applicants for citizenship have to pass from the thematic reports on the Internet. Birth and marriage certificates, a statement from the Russian consulate and medical records are usually required.  

  • Work visa  

The conditions of employment and the signing of a cooperation agreement with a Turkish employer are a good reason for obtaining a residence permit. From the Internet reviews, it is clear that with a work visa and an employment contract in hand, a Russian immigrant can count on a quick ikamet being issued. 

  • Business in the country  

Migrants who are prepared to invest in the Turkish economy are offered a residence permit valid for up to 5 years. In order to obtain this document, proof of establishing a business and registration with the tax authorities is required. It should also be noted that starting a business does not grant you a residence permit, which can only be issued if you have a work permit. People who do business in Turkey leave reviews on relevant forums, which you can easily check out.  

  • Immigration for study or internship purposes  

Immigrants from Russia who plan to study or do an internship in Turkey and have obtained the necessary documents can apply for a residence permit. In this case, the ikamet is issued for a period of 1 year and is subject to regular renewal. To obtain the status, a Russian citizen must submit a certificate from an educational institution. 

  • Refugees  

This type of immigration is suitable for people whose lives or interests are threatened by community actions in their home country. Immigration to Turkey in this case implies the provision of social protection and financial assistance to Russian citizens. The status is granted for a period of up to 5 years. Russian natives’ Internet reviews about this program vary, but according to the statistics, most of the immigrants live in the city of Alanya.  

  • Immigration to Turkey for medical treatment  

The condition for the registration of an ikamet for treatment is the receipt of medical services and a document confirming the completion of a rehabilitation program in the country. Turkish health institutions accept Russian citizens in need of treatment annually. The Ikamet is issued for the period during which a Russian citizen receives medical treatment. Moreover, it is not necessary to obtain a special visa for health care; an ordinary tourist visa is sufficient for the immigration program. However, after 60 days, a Russian citizen must legalize their stay on Turkish territory, which, according to Internet reviews, is quite easy to do. 

A short-term ikamet can be obtained by Russian citizens who plan to stay in the country for longer than the permitted visa-free period. If there are good reasons, the validity period can be extended by 6-12 months.  

The basic package of documents includes candidate’s application, passport (original and copy), medical insurance, bank statement, receipt of payment of state duty, lease or ownership agreement, 4 photos. The list of documents may vary depending on the immigration program chosen. 

Reviews from immigrants in Turkey 

Online reviews of immigration to Turkey are mostly positive. Prices for food and basic necessities in the country are lower than in Russia, and there is an increased demand in the labor market. There is also a fairly wide range of property available, which attracts many investors. Many locals speak Russian well, so there will be no problems adapting. A high level of service and good medical care completes the list of benefits of immigration to Turkey. 

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