IJEW – provides assistance in obtaining citizenship of Israel


The company knows everything about living in Israel and how immigrants can quickly obtain its citizenship. It provides individual support throughout the process, including assistance in solving problems that arise along the way. 

All about IJEW. Main services provided by the company 

Before starting to work with experts, it is essential to analyze all the information available online and summarize the pros and cons. To make this process easier, we will share some facts about IJEW’s work: 

  • IJEW’s experts will check state archives to determine if you have Jewish roots (if you or your relatives have lost such documentation); 
  • IJEW experts conduct a DNA test to verify your eligibility for Israeli citizenship; 
  • Lawyers assist with the visa application process; 
  • The company assists in the collection of the basic document package and with the electronic queue at the consulate; 
  • Experts provide detailed advice on how to present oneself correctly at the consular inspection; 
  • Specialists inform the applicant about the important rules of a quick and comfortable adaptation in the country; 
  • IJEW collaborates with many real estate agencies in Israel. Once you have immigrated and obtained citizenship status, they will help you find housing; 
  • Experts will help you apply for Israeli citizenship remotely, without leaving the territory of Russia; Delivery of documents in a short time; 
  • The company consult the clients who have obtained citizenship and moved to Israel on medical and insurance matters; 
  • Assistance is also provided in opening a bank account at the National Bank of Israel. Specialists provide support with registration and obtaining a personalized debit card. Reviews of this service can be found on the website; 
  • An important point for many immigrants is obtaining a local driving license. The IJEW team can easily arrange this. 

IJEW is a family of like-minded people, not just an immigration company

IJEW’s individual approach to each client who is thinking of immigrating to Israel and its assistance to anyone with Jewish roots in obtaining a Darkon have made it renowned among migration professionals. 

IJEW has been helping people for several years now, having received only positive feedback, as confirmed by the reviews on the company’s official website as well as various rating platforms. Many immigrants share their experiences of cooperation, their reactions and even recommendations for adapting in Israel. 

Obtaining citizenship is not a simple matter. Many people see immigration so complicated that they postpone it indefinitely, according to reviews. It is an intimidating process and should be approached carefully. This is where immigration experts step in. When choosing a company, remember to read the reviews about them. They reveal the loyalty of clients to the company, the pros and cons of its services. 

Reviews about IJEW

  1. I would like to thank the entire IJEW team for helping me with my immigration to Israel. In a short period of time, they found my and my son’s documents. They prepared us a suitable naturalization plan. Now that everything is over, I realize how much work the experts do. 
  2. I faced the question of reuniting with distant relatives and obtaining Jewish citizenship. I had no idea where to start or what to do. My friends recommended IJEW. The specialists work very quickly and efficiently. You can apply for citizenship of Israel without leaving Russia. 

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