Immigration to El Salvador from Russia


El Salvador is the smallest country in the Central American region and one of the easiest to live in and relocate to. Its immigration programs are considered simple and do not impose additional requirements for citizenship. The main advantage of a Salvadoran passport is the possibility of visa-free travel to more than 130 countries.   

When visiting El Salvador, Russian migrants note the following advantages of living in this country: 

  • Low cost of food (lunch in a restaurant costs an average of $4);   
  • Moderate rents (an average of $150 for a one-room apartment);   
  • Mild climate;   
  • The main currency is the US dollar;   
  • No restrictions on property purchases.   

El Salvador has a stable political situation and is experiencing steady economic growth. It is constantly introducing new investment programs that stimulate immigration and cash inflows. All of this attracts Russian citizens and encourages them to acquire Salvadoran citizenship. 

Ways to immigrate to El Salvador 

The Constitution of El Salvador regulates the process of obtaining citizenship. It states that a passport can be obtained through three immigration programs:   

  • Naturalization;   
  • Repatriation;   
  • Relocation for exceptional services.   

Naturalization is the easiest and most popular immigration program for people from Russia. The main requirement for obtaining Salvadoran citizenship is to live in the country for 5 years. There are also opportunities for expedited passport registration under this immigration program. For example, spouses of Salvadoran citizens only need to live in the country for 2 years to undergo the naturalization process. 

Repatriation means the restoration of citizenship, the return to the country of origin. If an immigrant from Russia has a parent from El Salvador, they are eligible to immigrate through this program.   

Exceptional services imply large investments in the economy of El Salvador or other significant actions for the state. Immigration through this program is the least popular among Russian residents, as it is the most difficult for citizenship registration in this country.   

Reasons for which immigration to this country may be refused are:   

  • Providing false information about yourself;   
  • Submitting documents of inappropriate quality (falsified, expired, etc.);   
  • Other reasons that the Salvadoran government may consider a threat to human security.   

When moving from Russia, there are usually no problems with paperwork. However, it is advisable to consult lawyers before moving to avoid any unnecessary complications. 

Documents for immigration to El Salvador 

The visa-free regime between Russia and El Salvador guarantees a stay in the country of up to 90 days. This means that you do not need a visa to visit the country as a tourist. However, if you are interested in living, working or doing business in El Salvador, you will need to obtain permission from a diplomatic mission or consular office. If you wish to settle permanently in El Salvador, you must apply for a residence permit from the country’s Directorate of Migration.   

To obtain a residence permit, you should submit the following documents:  

  • An application form;   
  • Medical attestation;   
  • Birth certificate;   
  • A passport copy;   
  • Certificate of no criminal record in El Salvador;   
  • Proof of financial stability.   

The above documents must be translated into Spanish and notarized. It is worth mentioning that in order to obtain a second passport (without surrendering the old one), it is also necessary to present the corresponding certificate. There are no such inconveniences when immigrating from Russia, as the Russian Federation allows dual citizenship. 


El Salvador is a convenient country to move to and it offers simplified immigration programs. As a rapidly developing country, many investors choose to invest in its economy and acquire a second citizenship here. The Salvadoran passport is also advantageous for business and tourism, as it allows visa-free travel to more than 130 countries. For these reasons, immigration to El Salvador is becoming increasingly popular among Russian nationals. 

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