Immigration to Dominica from Russia


Sunny beaches, warm climate, comfortable living conditions – all this makes Dominica one of the most popular countries for immigration from Russia. This country is developing rapidly and encourages immigration programs, as the majority of its income comes from tourism and foreign investment. It is worth noting that there is no need to renounce a native passport after immigration. This is an advantage for many Russian citizens.   

Positive aspects of living in Dominica are:  

  • Reasonable cost of food (locally produced food costs the same as in Russia);   
  • Stable economy and politics;   
  • No taxes on dividends, property, inheritance and income earned abroad;   
  • Moderate property prices (from $150);   
  • Warm climate (winter temperature does not drop below 20℃).   

Dominican citizenship provides visa-free access to more than 140 countries around the world. In addition, the country’s immigration programs do not require an actual presence on its territory. 

Ways to immigrate to Dominica 

Relocation to the Dominican Republic is available through one of four main immigration programs. Each of them has its own peculiarities and conditions of implementation. A brief description is given below.   

Purchase of property. Official confirmation of ownership of a house or apartment in Dominica leads to immigration by obtaining a residence permit. With an investment of more than $200,000, citizenship can be obtained directly after 3-6 months of processing the application.   

Starting a business. This program serves as a good basis for obtaining a residence permit in the Dominican Republic. The process of registering a new company is simplified for foreign entrepreneurs.   

Immigration through investment. The minimum contribution to the Dominican economy required to obtain citizenship is US$100,000. This is the most popular form of immigration to Dominica from Russia. 

Family reunification program. You can obtain a Dominican passport after 3 years of marriage to a national. If you have relatives in this country, you can immigrate under the family reunion program by applying for a permanent residence permit, without the need to obtain a TRP.   

The above-mentioned programs for immigration to Dominica offer equal opportunities to all who seek to settle in the country. A rejection can only be caused by false personal information, poor quality documents (torn, expired) or an incorrect application. It is therefore important to understand what proof you need to provide in order for successful immigration to Dominica. 

Required documents for immigration to Dominica 

To begin the process of immigration to Dominica, you need to obtain a visa. There are four types of visas: work, tourist, student and business. They take 2-4 weeks to process and are valid for up to 60 days. To obtain a visa, you must submit the following documents to the Dominican consulate in Russia: 

  • Foreign passport;   
  • Certificate of no criminal record;   
  • Photograph 4×5 cm, 1 piece;   
  • Bank statement for the last six months;   
  • Medical certificate (form No. 86/u);   
  • Marriage and birth certificates.   

All the above documents, except the passport, must be translated into Spanish. If there are sufficient grounds for immigration and residence in Dominica, once the visa has been issued, the possibility of obtaining a residence permit opens up.   

In order to obtain a TRP and subsequently a PRP, the following documents must be submitted:   

  • Certificate of no criminal record;   
  • Conclusion of the medical commission;   
  • Application for a residence permit;   
  • Residence card.   

Once you have lived in Dominica for more than 5 years with a TRP and then 2 years with a PRP, there is the possibility of acquiring Dominican citizenship. The list of required documents does not change. At this stage, the process of immigration to this country is considered complete. 

Is it worth immigrating to Dominica? 

Living in Dominica is the dream of many migrants from Russia. This island nation is a comfortable place to live not only for big investors, but also for people with an average income. Immigration programs make it possible for anyone wishing to relocate there to obtain citizenship and the benefits that come with it. The process of getting a second passport in Dominica is simple and does not require immigrants to spend a lot of money or time. 

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