Illegal migration

нелегальная миграция

Illegal migration, also known as undocumented or irregular migration, occurs when a person moves to a country without proper legal documentation or in violation of immigration laws. This type of migration has become a serious problem in many countries, including Russia. 

Types of illegal migration from Russia 

  • Visa overstay. This occurs when a person enters a country with a valid visa but remains in the country beyond the visa’s expiry date.  
  • Human trafficking – people are smuggled into a country against their will, often for the purpose of forced labor or sexual exploitation.  
  • Crossing borders illegally is often done in search of better economic opportunities. 

The dangers of illegal migration 

Illegal migration poses several dangers, both to the individuals themselves and to the countries they enter. Among them:  

  1. Criminals. Criminal organizations often take advantage of irregular migrants, exploiting them for labor and money;  
  2. Public safety. Migrants may be more susceptible to criminal activity, threatening the safety of citizens;  
  3. Health risks. Migrants may not have access to adequate health care, increasing the risk of disease outbreaks and deaths;  
  4. Economic burden. Irregular migrants do not pay taxes or participate in social welfare programs, placing a burden on the economy;  
  5. Deportation. Those caught may face deportation, which is certain to have consequences in the future. 

Countries with strict and lenient laws on illegal immigration 

Countries such as Australia, Japan and the United States have strict laws and penalties for this type of immigration.  

Meanwhile, Mexico, Costa Rica and many European states have more lenient laws and may allow illegal immigrants to apply for regular status.  

It is important for countries to address this type of migration, both for the safety and well-being of their citizens and for the protection of residents. This can be achieved through stricter enforcement of immigration laws and better economic opportunities for legal immigrants. 

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