Henley & Partners: Overview and reviews

Henley & Partners is an international migration company that provides advice and services to foreign nationals seeking second citizenship or residency through investment programs offered by governments around the world. It assists with the application process, advises on investment options and helps to navigate the legal and financial aspects of the programs. 

What services does the company provide 

Henley & Partners provides: 

  • Expert advice and guidance to clients seeking residency or citizenship through investment in various countries. This includes assistance with the application process, information on requirements and eligibility criteria, and consultation on the best investment options to meet their specific needs and objectives; 
  • Immigration services. This organization assists with visa applications, represents clients in dealing with immigration authorities and advises on the procedures and requirements for obtaining residency or citizenship in a new country; 
  • Investment support. Henley & Partners provides advice and assistance on financial contribution options, including property, government bonds, businesses and more. According to reviews, It helps the clients make informed decisions that meet their financial objectives and minimize risks; 
  • Tax planning and consulting. Henley & Partners’ advice on the implications of residency and citizenship, support with compliance and reporting, and representation to authorities where necessary; 
  • Legal support. This organization provides assistance with contract validation and negotiations. 

All of the services listed above is matched to each client’s specific needs and goals, helping them achieve their desired results as smoothly and quickly as possible. 

Reviews of Henley & Partners 

Reviews can be found online on popular sources such as Google maps, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Trustpilot and other websites. 


Отзыв о Henley & Partners

Reviews of Henley & Partners are mixed. Some praise the company for its expertise and professional approach, while others criticize it for its high prices and lack of transparency. There is no clear consensus on the quality of their work.  

Based on reviews, Henley & Partners has a reputation for being a decent migration company that offers help to everyone. However, it is worth noting that this organization is not widely appreciated by migrants. However, each client’s individual experience is a personal journey that depends not only on the assistance provider, but also on the customer. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly research all available information and reviews before deciding to work with Henley & Partners. 

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