Immigration to Brazil: Overview of Migration Programs

Иммиграция в Бразилию

South America’s largest economy, tropical climate, rich cultural heritage, affordable cost of living and natural beauty attracts many immigrants to this country. People emigrate to Brazil for better job prospects, new cultural experiences and a higher quality of life. The country is renowned for its music, dance and cuisine, making it attractive to those seeking new cultural experiences. 

Options for Russians to obtain visas to Brazil 

There are several ways to obtain a temporary residence permit in Brazil, including  

  • Work visa. Foreigners who receive a job offer from a Brazilian company can apply for a work visa, which can later lead to getting a PRP.  
  • Business Visa. Applicants who plan to start a business in Brazil can apply for a business visa.  
  • Student Visa. Foreigners who have been admitted to a Brazilian educational institution can apply for a student visa and then arrange for permanent residence permit.  
  • Visa based on marriage. Foreigners who are married to a Brazilian citizen or permanent resident can apply for a visa on this basis. 
  • Retiree Visa. Foreigners over the age of 45 with a monthly income of at least BRL 2,000 can apply for a pensioner visa.  
  • Residence permits related to the purchase of real estate. Foreigners who have purchased property in Brazil can apply for a residence permit based on this type of investment.  
  • Residence permit for investment. It is only possible to obtain this type of permit if the amount of the contribution to the project proposed by the country is met.  
  • Residence permit for medical treatment. Foreigners seeking medical treatment in Brazil can apply for a residence permit based on the need for treatment.  
  • Residence permits related to religious activities. Applicants who are members of a religious organization and intend to work in Brazil may obtain a PRP on this basis. 

It is important to note that the immigration process can be complex, therefore seeking the assistance of a qualified immigration company is recommended (one of the best companies in this field, according to immigrant reviews, is UnionEU). In addition, visa requirements and procedures may change, so it is important to keep informed of any changes at an international level. 

Options for obtaining a permanent residence permit 

To apply for permanent residence permit, a visa and TRP must first be obtained. After you have lived in Brazil for a certain period of time, usually four years, you can apply for PRP.  

Below is the general process for obtaining permanent residence permit: 

  1. You must first obtain a temporary visa appropriate to your circumstances, such as a work visa, business visa, student visa, retirement visa or marriage visa; 
  2. Once you have obtained a temporary visa, you must remain in Brazil for a specified period of time. During this time, you must fulfil all the conditions of the temporary visa and maintain your residency status; 
  3. After four years in Brazil, you can apply for PRP. To do this, you must submit an official application to the Brazilian immigration authorities, together with all the necessary documents.  

If your application is approved, you will receive a permanent residence card that allows you to live and work in Brazil indefinitely. 

How to obtain Brazilian citizenship 

Obtaining a passport from this country is attractive because it offers a number of advantages. But the most important feature, according to immigrants, is that the country allows its citizens to obtain a second passport and does not require them to give up their original passport. There are several ways to obtain Brazilian citizenship, the most popular are: 

  • Birth in Brazil (by right of origin); 

People born in Brazil to foreign parents are automatically granted Brazilian citizenship, regardless of the citizenship of their parents.  

  • By right of blood; 

Children of Brazilian citizens automatically acquire Brazilian citizenship if the parent is abroad but is a government employee, or if the child’s birth was sealed at the country’s consulate. 

  • Naturalization; 

Foreigners who have lived in Brazil for a certain period of time, usually four years, and who meet other requirements, such as knowledge of Portuguese and knowledge of the history and culture of the country, can apply for naturalization and become Brazilian citizens. In addition, the applicant must demonstrate financial independence.  

  • Simplified naturalization (through marriage). 

Foreigners married to a Brazilian citizen may qualify for naturalization after two years of residence in the country, if they meet certain requirements.  

It is even possible to obtain a national passport in 1 year if the applicant is a citizen of a country whose national language is Portuguese. 

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