Religious immigration: a guide for Russians

Religious immigration is a process that allows people to relocate to another country on the basis of their religious beliefs. In a nutshell, it allows people to practice their religion freely in another country that supports and welcomes their beliefs. 

What you need to immigrate under this program 

Many countries around the world offer religious immigration programs, although the process and requirements vary depending on the state. To immigrate under this program, a person usually needs to affirm their religious beliefs and prove that they are a member of a particular spiritual community. 

Countries that support religious immigration 

  • United States of America. The United States has a special immigration category for religious workers, which allows people to immigrate to work as clergy or in other spiritual vocations;  
  • Canada. Similar to the United States, Canada offers applicants the opportunity to immigrate to Canada to work as clergy or in other vocations;  
  • Israel. The state has a Law of Return that allows Jews and their descendants to immigrate to Israel and obtain Israeli citizenship;  
  • Turkey. The program is designed for those wishing to immigrate for religious reasons, such as studying theology or working as a spiritual leader. 

Benefits of religious immigration from Russia 

As with any important decision, there are benefits and drawbacks to consider when deciding to emigrate from Russia.  


  • The ability to practice one’s religion freely is one of the main reasons why people choose this type of immigration;  
  • Many countries that encourage this type of immigration have a strong community that can provide support and a sense of belonging;  
  • Access to new economic opportunities and a higher standard of living.  

In summary, religious immigration is a process that allows people to move to another country based on their spiritual beliefs. This type of immigration can bring many benefits to applicants, such as being able to practice their faith freely or being supported by a strong community. 

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