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Public Investments Solutions is a company that has been successfully providing legal assistance to citizenship applicants for several years with investment and repatriation procedures. Romania remains the most open for immigration among the EU members – you can get your passport under any of the abovementioned programs (also in the reviews you can notice the greatest interest to this state).    

Countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia offer passport registration by repatriation. It is only possible to obtain citizenship by investing in Malta, Cyprus or Austria.   

The Public Investments Solutions team consists of experienced lawyers with extensive experience in the field of migration. Their work has also been praised by those who have requested assistance from the company. All client reviews are freely available on the Internet. 

Reviews about Public Investment Solutions 

As Public Investments Solutions is a well-known company in the immigrant community and many people leave reviews about cooperating with it on various forums, it is not difficult to evaluate the company at a glance, even without consulting lawyers. Nevertheless, we advise you to take this opportunity to see if the experts can meet your objectives. Especially since Public Investments Solutions offers a free initial consultation, which is quite rare among lawyers.   

Here are a few reviews of Public Investments Solutions, from fairly reputable review websites: 

Отзыв о Public Investments Solutions

Most of these reviews are people’s gratitude for the support in citizenship and their new life in the EU, some of them:  

– Nikolay, 29 years old: “Unfortunately, before contacting this company, I had a negative experience with another migration company. I paid money and waited for 2 years. Nothing was done. With Public Investments Solutions the problem was solved within a year. Now I have Hungarian citizenship. No unnecessary promises, communication only on business, the review is definitely deserved))”. 

– Valeria, 46 years old: “The decision to emigrate was a difficult one. I chose Romania because Public Investments Solutions explained to me that it had the lowest rate of rejection for citizenship and that it was possible to try to apply for repatriation. Within a year I had a Romanian passport. I did not live in Romania, I relocated straight to Germany. 

In these reviews, the main advantage of working with Public Investments Solutions becomes apparent – the ability to quickly receive an EU passport. Obtaining the documents of a particular European Union country does not bind you to that state, let alone impose strict rules on your residence there. On the contrary, an EU passport guarantees you all the rights of a national. Public Investments Solutions clients, according to reviews, are free to travel throughout Europe and other EU states. 

Why do you need lawyers during repatriation? 

The repatriation program in EU countries is a procedure that offers immigrants the opportunity to return to their historical homeland under favorable conditions. It is implemented without the need to live in the country for many years with a residence permit, to make expensive contributions to the state’s economy, or to pass language and history tests.   

This procedure is intended for people who can prove their ethnic roots in the state of which they are seeking citizenship.   

However, each state imposes different requirements on applicants. Incorrectly completed documents, incomplete information, or stapled documents can all be grounds for rejection, which is confirmed by many reviews on the Internet.   

Tasks of Public Investment Solutions specialists:  

  • Study the peculiarities of the repatriation procedure in a particular country and monitor the innovations in the legislation of different countries;   
  • Determine the list of required documents and complete the client’s file;   
  • Translate and certify all documents in the required language;   
  • Full assistance to the client from the moment of document collection to the receipt of the EU documents. 

Conclusions based on references and reviews 

Public Investments Solutions employees will help you to complete the EU passport application procedure in the most convenient and fastest way, with minimal risk of citizenship rejection. If you seek expert help, you will get a ticket to a new life without unnecessary worries and large financial expenses.   

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