Cankash Company: what type of company is it? 

Cankash is a reputed immigration company that has been helping applicants realize their dream of relocating and settling abroad for several years. It has extensive experience in this area and offers a wide range of services to assist in obtaining visas, citizenship, relocation and settlement abroad. In this article, we will take a closer look at its work, services and client reviews. 

The range of services provided 

Cankash is an international organization that assists applicants in obtaining visas, citizenship and other documents that allow them to legally reside in the country. These experts have offices all over the world, the locations of which can be found on its official website. Some of the main areas in which Cankash provides assistance include: 

  • Migration through investment. Cankash helps in obtaining an investor visa, which allows you to relocate to another state on the basis of contributing a certain amount of money to the country’s economy. Get step-by-step guidance on choosing the right investment project, applying for a visa, preparing the necessary documents, etc. 
  • Emigration for education. Cankash facilitates foreign applicants in obtaining student visas and successful enrolment at selected universities. The company provides assistance in selecting a university, preparing the necessary documents and preparing for application. 
  • Work immigration. Cankash provides assistance with visa applications, document translation and medical examinations, as confirmed by numerous reviews. 
  • Business migration. This organization assists entrepreneurs and businessmen to relocate to another state and establish a company in its territory. According to reviews, Cankash advises on the proper choice of country for business immigration, prepares the necessary documents for the registration of a legal entity, hires staff, etc. 
  • Family emigration. You can relocate your relatives and this organization’s experts will take care of all the necessary legal formalities. Based on reviews, many families have found a new life in a desirable country and successfully settled there. 
  • Permanent immigration (acquiring citizenship). Cankash specializes in helping people obtain citizenship of the countries listed on its official website. Experienced specialists will complete the necessary paperwork, submit the application and guide the customer through the process. 

Reviews about Cankash Company 

Cankash has a large number of positive client reviews, confirming the high level of professionalism and efficiency of the company’s work. In particular, migrants emphasize the individual approach of the specialists to each client and the high level of confidentiality. This organization has also received positive reviews from other experts in the field of immigration.  

Customer reviews: 

Отзывы о Cancash Company

Summary based on feedback and reviews 

Cankash has been specializing in immigration legal services for many years. You can move to another country for a variety of reasons (investment, marriage, employment or study) and the company’s lawyers will help you choose the right one. They have the knowledge and experience necessary to solve complex issues related to obtaining documentation from other countries, which guarantees applicants a quality approach to the case.  

Based on reviews, Cankash clients can benefit from a variety of services, including legal assistance with visa/citizenship applications, as well as tax and investment advice. 

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