Immigration to Argentina from Russia: is it worth relocating?


In recent years, a growing number of Russians have been considering immigration to Argentina. But what will they get out of it? In this article, we look at Argentina’s immigration programs, the rights that come with a residence permit, the country’s economy and taxes, and reviews of immigrants themselves. 

Immigration programs to Argentina 

There are several programs available for those wishing to immigrate to Argentina.  

These include immigration through:  

  • Business. Opening a company requires a minimum legal capital of $100,000, with the possibility of contributing the full amount over the course of a year.  
  • Rentier. For applicants whose income is more than $ 1200. An important condition – the funds must come from foreign banks.  
  • Marriage. The applicant must marry a citizen of the country and prove that the marriage is not fictitious.  
  • Employment. The program is based on signing a contract with a local employer.  
  • Pensionado. Temporary residence visa issued to pensioners who have a monthly income of at least $285 and can prove it. 

Rights conferred by a residence permit 

Obtaining a residence permit in Argentina confers certain rights, including the ability to work, study and reside within the national territory and to access medical services. Permanent residence gives the holder almost the same rights as citizenship, such as government assistance, favorable taxation, etc. The passport additionally confers all the benefits of Argentine citizenship, including the right to vote in national elections and to serve in executive offices. 

Аргентина 2

Economics and taxes 

Argentina’s economy has experienced precarious times in recent years, with high inflation and currency devaluation. However, compared to many other developed countries, it is still considered relatively cheap to live in. In terms of taxes, Argentina has a fairly high personal income tax rate (9% to 35%), but property and sales taxes are relatively low (0.5% to 1.25%). 

Reviews of immigrants in Argentina 

Immigrants in Argentina generally report a high quality of life, a good level of respect for human rights, and an unchanged attitude towards Russia since February 2022. Many enjoy the rich history, delicious food and friendly people.   

Immigration to Argentina from Russia can be a good option for those looking for new adventures, a lower cost of living and a relaxed lifestyle. However, it is important to bear in mind the economic situation and the fact that finding a secure job can be challenging. As usual, it is important to research thoroughly and consult with immigration experts before making a decision to relocate to another country. 

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