Immigration to Kazakhstan from Russia in 2023

Kazakhstan has become not only a popular leisure destination for Russian citizens, but also a center of business interests. A large country with a well-developed infrastructure, it attracts visitors with its sights and low prices. In September last year alone, more than 190,000 Russians entered the country.  

The main advantages of immigration to Kazakhstan are employment with legal rights, the opportunity to run their own business, study at universities, the prospect of obtaining citizenship.  

Immigration to Kazakhstan from Russia is a viable option for those who have decided to relocate to this country for self-fulfillment. The lack of a visa and a limited budget are not obstacles to moving and participating in the resettlement program. According to the migrants’ reviews, the standard of living in the Republic is similar to that in Russia, and the expenses are comparable to those in the Russian Federation. 

Types of immigration and list of documents required 

Russian citizens do not need a visa to enter Kazakhstan, but a valid international passport is required. It is possible to stay on the territory of the Republic for up to 3 months without a visa. If a Russian citizen plans to stay in the country for a longer period of time, they must obtain a residence permit under the chosen resettlement program.  

The TRP is issued for one year with the possibility of extension for a further two years. Important: The period of validity of the temporary residence permit cannot exceed the period of validity of the civil passport and the international passport.  

After 3 years, a foreigner can apply for a permanent residence permit, which is granted for 10 years. However, if you are interested in obtaining citizenship, it can be granted after 5 years of uninterrupted residence on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

The grounds for participation in the citizenship program are: 

  • Concluding a labor contract with an employer;  
  • Starting a business and demonstrating that it is of economic benefit to the state;  
  • Training, immigration for the purpose of improving skills;  
  • Investment in business or property;  
  • Family reunification;  
  • Marriage to a citizen (national) of Kazakhstan;  
  • Refugee status;  
  • Voluntary or religious activities.  

A residence permit for exceptional activities is granted in a number of specific cases. Scientists, outstanding sportsmen and artists from Russia may apply for this status and participate in the program. The decision is made by a separate government decree.  

Documents for obtaining a TRP/PRP status are issued by the Migration Department. The cost of the service is 20% of the monthly calculation index. This indicator is used to calculate social benefits in Kazakhstan. 

The documents required to apply for residence permit status are: 

  • International passport (original and a copy);  
  • 4 photographs;  
  • A document stating the purpose of immigration;  
  • Bank account extract;  
  • Rental agreement or ownership of a house or flat;  
  • Certificate of no criminal record;  
  • Police certificate stating that the foreigner has not broken the law during his stay in the country.  

Иммиграция в Казахстан

Migration officers may also require other documents for participation in the program. The list of documents depends on the chosen method of immigration to Kazakhstan. When obtaining permanent residence status, the applicant will be offered to undergo a short interview and test for knowledge of the language, culture and history of the country. From the migrants’ reviews, it appears that each of the procedures takes no more than 15 minutes. 

Adaptation in Kazakhstan 

In order for immigration and adaptation to take place quickly and without unfortunate misunderstandings, Russian citizens need to read up on the nuances of certain migration programs and pay attention to several aspects:  

The first thing is to enter the migration register. The second is to stock up on cash in any currency and get a transport card. The third is to study the reviews of migrants who have already arrived. Various websites can help to find accommodation in Kazakhstan:,, and others. It is better to rent an apartment with Wi-Fi, otherwise you can spend a lot of money on mobile Internet.  

It is worth noting that it is easy to get a TIN and a card in Kazakhstan. According to many reviews, Russian is spoken everywhere in the Republic, so there is no language barrier between locals and foreigners. The state is quite religious, so there are standards of acceptable behavior for women here. The people are peaceful and friendly, always ready to help. All necessary documents are processed quickly and without delay by the authorities. 

Reviews from immigrants in Kazakhstan 

On the Internet, reviews about immigration to Kazakhstan are mostly positive. According to the information, any Russian can become a citizen of this state, but dual citizenship is not allowed. In 2023, as in previous years, the republic is open to Russian citizens, which has greatly increased the influx of migrants to these countries.  

“Immigrating from Russia to Kazakhstan was easy for us. When we arrived, nothing seemed strange to us. Most of the people around us spoke Russian, there was Soviet architecture in the streets. We studied reviews, rules and immigration programs in advance, so we avoided mistakes, unnecessary financial expenses and loss of time.” 

Anna K., 32  

In Russia, there are not so many reviews of Kazakhstan’s immigration programs, but people’s opinions are mostly positive. Of course, emigration is quicker and easier for highly qualified specialists and students in one of the most sought-after fields. But ordinary citizens can also use the program to relocate their families from Russia to Kazakhstan, where they can find housing and well-paid jobs. 

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