Imperial & Legal: What company is it?

imperial legal

Imperial & Legal is an international company offering a full range of immigration services. Imperial & Legal provide experts to assist clients in establishing a business, choosing the best strategy for beginners or experienced entrepreneurs, and selecting property for investment in different countries around the world. With the help of professionals, the chances of obtaining residency in the UK, EU or the Caribbean are maximized. 

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What services Imperial & Legal provides 

The main focus of Imperial & Legal is to assist with immigration to the UK and a number of other countries attractive to CIS citizens. Specialists will advise on the possibilities of obtaining TRP, PRP or citizenship in the country of your choice and will explain the intricacies and benefits of the various migration programs. 

Among the most demanded services of Imperial & Legal are: 

  • Obtaining citizenship for investment. Contributing a certain amount of money to the country’s national economy (Cyprus, Malta, Caribbean islands) is one of the fastest ways to obtain citizenship; 
  • Obtaining residence permit in exchange for investments. After several years of living in Spain, Switzerland or Canada, the applicant may get a PRP and then obtain citizenship. The Imperial & Legal experts will collect all the documents and help with the enrolment procedures; 
  • Analyzing the case and developing a fiscal strategy to reduce the applicant’s tax burden; 
  • Assistance with transactions relating to the purchase of residential and commercial property (object selection, checking the transaction for compliance, ensuring the security of the operation); 
  • Financial planning and asset management; 
  • Lawyer assistance anytime, anywhere in the world. 

According to reviews, the agency’s work is built on the principles of individual approach to each client, attention to detail and absolute confidentiality. Thorough knowledge of the legislation of individual countries and regular monitoring of the market enable Imperial & Legal experts to provide high quality services, which is confirmed by Internet reviews. 

Reviews of Imperial & Legal 

Отзывы о Imperial & Legal

According to reviews, many clients are satisfied with the quality of work of Imperial & Legal consultants. This applies both to the main range of services (obtaining residency or citizenship for investment) and additional services (e.g. assistance in company registration, developing business plans, etc.). 

Here are some reviews of the company:  

” I contacted Imperial & Legal for help in obtaining a UK student visa. I was very worried about being refused as it was mentioned in reviews, but everything worked out fine! And I had heard so much about people being rejected… Thanks to the Imperial & Legal managers who provided me with detailed advice and helped me prepare a package of documents. I am happy to leave a positive review and if necessary, I will contact you again. Yours sincerely, Irina” – Irina, 45 years old, Tyumen. 

“I have been thinking about applying for a second citizenship for a while. Working with documents and submitting them is not easy and I needed qualified help. After reading a dozen reviews, I contacted Imperial & Legal, which offered me several affordable options. The company’s employees work competently, the price for their service is reasonable, so you can believe the reviews. I have verified it.) – Oleg, Moscow, 29 years old. 

Having studied the information about the company on the internet and in reviews, we can conclude that Imperial & Legal works quite effectively. The managers are ready to help clients solve any immigration issues, peculiarities of buying property, starting a business abroad. According to the reviews, the clients’ requests are resolved promptly and with a positive result. 

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